Visit the 2100 Net each night at 9PM MST. The 2100 Net is a Social, Upbeat and Friendly Net where we share the events of our day with each other..There are several Net Control Operators each with a unique style and voice to keep it interesting.. Please stop by and Check-In on one of ARA's RIMLINK REPEATERS.. Until you do, you are a friend we have not met yet..

Net Control Stations


Joe - AE7JG



Jason - KG7VLF



Background Picture

Mount Ord
2100 Net is on

Greens Peak
146.720- PL 162.2

Mt. Ord
147.360+ PL 162.2

Mt Elden
147.140+ PL 162.2

Pinal Peak
147.200+ PL 162.2
927.4125- PL 151.4

Smith Peak
443.775+ PL 100.0

Shaw Butte
442.850+ PL 100.0

Mingus Mt.
448.500- PL 100.0

Want to be a Net Control Station for the 2100 Net??

The 2100 Net is always looking for stations that would like to take the Helm as Net Control. It is very different than being a check in. You will have fun interacting with every check in. It is a valuable experience. So, why not give it a try?? The Net Control stations are there to help you and you will find the Check ins very supportive. Everything you will need to run the net is found HERE . Just follow along and when you are ready, let one of the Net Control Stations know that you want to give it a try and they will make it happen...

A Net Control Station should have the following....
  • One year as a Licensed Ham Radio Operator
  • 6 months as a 2100 Net Check in
  • Reliable VHF/UHF Base Station.
  • Capability of accessing at least 2 RimLink Repeaters
  • Emergency Traffic Experience

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Updated September 12, 2018